CakePHP Tips Summer 2019


This year I want to quickly put a few useful things out there again for you in terms of CakePHP development and ecosystem. CakePHP 4 preview Check out CakePHP 4 while it is still not RC (release candidate) and therefore…


Test composer dependencies with prefer-lowest


This 4 year old post already blogged about it. Surprisingly many libraries still don’t use it in their CI system yet. The –prefer-lowest option has been added around that time. Composer documentation says: "Useful for testing minimal versions of requirements"….

CakePHP 3.0 Migration Notes


Trying to migrate my CakeFest app for this year’s event, I made some notes regarding the upgrade process from 2.x to 3.x. I completed them during the upgrade of my Sandbox app to 3.0. And adjusted them after RC2 and…

CakePHP 3.0 coming up


CakePHP version 3.0 is coming closer and closer to a stable release. The leap from PHP5.2 to PHP5.4 was more than necessary. Personally, I think, this will bring CakePHP back on the same level as "Laravel" or "Symfony2". Those, using…

All new CakePHP Tips Summer 2014


For CakePHP2.x Awesome CakePHP Check out this all new awesome CakePHP list: awesome-cakephp Star it, fork it, enhance it 🙂 Note the cake3 branch that will proabably soon be filled rapidly with all new shiny CakePHP3 resources and plugins. There…

Using Composer


There are quite a few good articles on this topic, already. Especially on how to leverage it for CakePHP projects. See using-composer-with-cakephp-2-dot-x or maybe installing-cakephp-with-composer So I won’t go into detail too much. It is worth noting that composer really…