Leverage your IDE


Using the example of PhpStorm 2020.1 and a state-of-the-art CakePHP 4 app. Preliminary remarks The following ideally should adhere to any IDE and framework. I just can’t verify and confirm them all, thus the selection at hand. Please be so…

CakePHP Tips 2017 Part 1


Whoops as ErrorHandler I recently switched to Whoops in my apps. It provides a better exception rendering for development mode for most cases. Just load the plugin (dereuromark/cakephp-whoops) and modify the bootstrap line: //(new ErrorHandler(Configure::consume(‘Error’)))->register(); (new \CakephpWhoops\Error\WhoopsHandler(Configure::consume(‘Error’)))->register(); If you already…


Setting up PHPDesigner for CakePHP


There are many great IDEs for PHP development. One is PHPDesigner, which is mainly for windows. With some minor adjustments it works pretty well with cake. Preferences Go to: Tools -> Preferences [CTRL + E] General File Encoding: UTF8 Trim…