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It’s mainly me, Mark. I am a developer from Berlin, Germany.
I started this blog back in 2009.

Near Future:

  • … (drop me a line if you want to blog here, too)


Why English – I am asked by some German fellows.
Well, why addressing only 4% if you can address all 100% of CakePHP-users?
And nowadays, any programmer that does not speak/understand English is in the wrong business, anyway.

Any non-English comments usually get deleted (most of the world probably wouldn’t understand it).
Nobody expects perfect sentences – but please try to cut down the spelling mistakes as well as possible.
TIP: Google Chrome Browser comes with a built-in spell checker. Give it a try!


Do you want to blog about a specific topic? Contact us!

You may also contact us if you are interested in working with us. You can learn CakePHP and help on some of our projects (management suite, social network site, plugins, …).


  1. Your posts about security are good.
    I got a question when using h().
    Firstly, I wanted to use it in app/webroot/t.php, the browser returns error of "Call to undefined function h()".
    Then I tried to use it in my view .ctp files, it works.
    Any explanation?

  2. Hi, im writing to you becouse i realy need your help, i am using your googlemapv3 helper and i cant add info to each of de the multiple markers, y just can put info in one marker.
    I am doing mi final work to finish ingenier and i really need this.
    Sorry for my speeling, my native lenguage is spanish.

  3. Hello, I am Milos, beginner/junior CakePHP developer.
    I would like to be part of some projects to learn more form Cake, and a lot from you if it’s possible. Is there any chance for that ?

    All best t you,

  4. Hello,Mark:
    Is there any good articles about cakephp+mongoDB?
    I have found one database resource on GitHub,but there are almost no articles about how to use it.

  5. With JsHelper being deprecated and completely removed in Cake 3 can you please illustrate how we can accomplish AJAX pagination – this is something that I’ve been struggling with

  6. Hello, I am having difficulty setting up and using Passwordable Behavior, as I only seem to get an error "Tools.PasswordableBehavior could not be found." while it looks like the plugin has loaded. Would it be possible to see a more detailed and explicit setup and use instructions than those available on Git Hub? It seems this code will be valuable to learn to use!!

  7. Please load the plugin as documented. Then it will work as outlined also in the demo showcases.

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