Useful CakePHP shell scripts


Today I want to present some useful shell scripts I often use. Hopefully you find them useful, as well 🙂 Where to put them Drop shells in a vendor folder of your choice (either app, core, or plugin), for instance:…

Cakephp Console on Linux systems


You could hard-wire the Cake path into the environment. With multiple cake core versions on a single system, sometimes it is better not to do that, though. So I just follow the following guidelines: Only add the PHP path to…

User Add Console Script


If you have a fresh setup of your app and no users in the database, its not easy to "register" a new one (with the admin role and everything). The other case would be if you changed the security salt….

Code-Completion Console Script


Many good IDEs for Webdevelopment cannot automatically understand the structure of a framework and its classes/objects. They need a small file initializing the objects so that they know in which context they appear. E.g.: $this->Session (Session Helper) its impossible for…

Cake Bake: Custom Templates


The Problem The default templates of the "baking" process are not very useful for a productive environment. They are meant to rapidly produce working code for development purposes. This is actually great for that matter. But as soon as you…