Finally – SVN becomes more GITish

The change we all had waited for soo long.

SVN becomes more GITish

With the release of all new 1.7 the thousands of .svn folders are finally history!
Only a single .svn file in the root folder remains. Yes, most of you will immediately think of GIT 🙂
Well, now SVN uses a sqllite DB to work the same way.
The speed increased, as well.

All you need to do on windows:

  • Update TortoiseSVN
  • Rightclick on the root folder of your svn folder and select "SVN update working copy"


Numbers wanted?

To demonstrate how huge this step in the right direction is:
"cake2.0rc3" – the current 2.0 head – consists of 1518 files.

Before the upgrade to tortoisesvn1.7 the complete folder consisted of 4100 files in 5100 folders. So almost twice as much svn crap – overall 38 MB in size.
After the upgrade the folder counts 2826 files in 848 folders (wow!). File size is now down to 32 MB.

I really like it. Copying/Moving is now so much easier. I had just recently written a script which could delete all tmp folders (.svn) from a directory recursively to be able to merge it into other folders.
This is now history. Merging finally works as easy as in GIT.
Backuping and remote copying is now so much faster due to less structural overhead.

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