Freshly baked Cake2.0 tips


With 2.0 there are many new features available. Some of them I want to introduce here. Using the console for 2.0 I once wrote about how to use the Cake1.3 console. The 2.0 shell is not so much different. The…


Finally – SVN becomes more GITish


The change we all had waited for soo long. SVN becomes more GITish With the release of all new 1.7 the thousands of .svn folders are finally history! Only a single .svn file in the root folder remains. Yes, most…

Working with virtual fields in Cake1.3


In earlier versions of CakePHP we had to use Behaviors like "MultipleDisplayFields" or whatever. With $Model->virtualFields it is now possible to natively use find() methods combined with virtual fields. The nice thing about it is, that the pagination can work…