Useful Windows 7 Tricks

We all agree that Windows 7 is the most sophisticated version so far. WinXP is totally outdated, ME and Vista were crap. But despite the more stable workstation and some really good new features windows still lacks some basic stuff or at least kept its annoyances 🙂
I will also point out some useful tricks and tips.

No forced restart after updates

The most annoying thing still remains the (forced) restart after updates all the time.

English: Deactivate
German: Deaktivieren

Tips and Tricks

Using 2 monitors you can easily send active windows from one to the other by using the combination [WINDOWS]+[SHIFT]+[ARROW left/right].
With [WINDOWS]+[SHIFT]+[ARROW up/down] on the other hand you can minimize/maximize the current window.

For opening programs with more rights simple press [STRG]+[SHIFT] while clicking on it.

Minor probs

The thumbnail previews of the super bar are usually coming up really slow.
Change to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse" and lower the value from "400" to "0" or anything in between.

Missing tips?

Tell me and I will add it!

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