New CakePHP Resources


Video Tutorials I stumpled upon it by accident today: A great new cake site devoted to all kinds of video tutorials related to CakePHP. There are not only screencasts for beginners but also for more experienced developers, as well…

GoogleMapsV3 CakePHP Helper


This is a helper to generate GoogleMap maps (dynamic and static ones) in your CakePHP views. Note: Google Maps API V2 is marked "deprecated". API V3 is supposed to be faster and more compatible to mobile browsers. Details Also new:…

Flattr CakePHP Helper


Get "Flattred" As you can see wordpress (and my blog) already has a Flattr plugin (for posts) and a widget (for the sidebar). With a little helper you can easily integrate Flattr to your site – the "cake way". I…

Internet Tips and Tricks


Youtube Links exact to the second Using a timestamp we can now post and share youtube links with a specific starting point. Format: …#t={x}m{y}s (x = minutes, y = seconds) Example: Now the video starts at 2 minutes and…


Frequent PHP problems and solutions


I started off with frequent CakePHP problems last month. This month I add some common PHP problems. Strip additional white spaces With UTF8 the "normal" preg_replace doesn’t really work anymore. For some cases we could use the following trick: $str…

Preventing Brute Force on Login


With default cake login procedures a user could try unlimited passwords to one specific account. That means, if you write a bot that tries every possible combination (thousand times per minute!), this bot could eventually gain access to the account….

Loading Classes on the fly


With the LazyLoading Model from Lorenzo (there are other sources as well) we already speed up the application by 20-40% (depending on the application size and amount of models). Something i never really liked is that components and helpers can…


About PHP basics and pitfalls


AND, && and & Usually you use && in favor of AND. At least, I prefer! Cake code conventions state the same. But they do exactly the same: They "intelligently" match the conditions and abort as SOON as the first…