CakeFest 2013

You can see that I have been quite busy by the huge amount of blog posts the last couple of weeks 🙂
Well, except for my 2 weeks of holidays right now.
Currently I am in Dubai. So, before hitting the swimming pool again, I thought about doing something productive for a change.

In light of the upcoming CakeFest – the annual CakePHP conference – I wanted to take the chance to talk about it.

The event

The CakeFest will be in San Francicso, California, USA this year. Last year, in Great Britain, I was not able to attend.
This year I will definitely be going. Not only because I am now a core member and haven’t even talked to any of the others yet in person.
But also because it is the chance to make a once-in-a-lifeteam experience, to socialize and build friendships beyond the "digital" ones.
And everything around the framework we all work with – some more, some less.
Even though it will be quite the trip from Germany I am really looking forward to it.

My plans?

Just booked my flight from Munich to San Francisco as well as accommodation in the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Well, for me it’s the first time. So I don’t really know that much yet. But I will arrive a day early and leave a day later to be able to see some of the west coast, do some sightseeing (Alcatraz, Golden Gate, …).
Other than that I will take as much in as possible – regarding talks, social events and so on.
It will be interesting to meet other "bakers" in person and hear about their ideas and resulting apps.

What can you do?

You can join the Facebook Event for the fest and promote it to your (developing?) friends.
Let’s make this year the most amazing fest of all. The CakePHP community is quite large. So this should be a piece of cake, so to speak.

If you have been working with Cake before, you might even want to submit a talk. You will then be able to speak at the conference – about a relevant topic of your choice.

More information

Jeremy wrote a very elaborate and interesting article you should read.

Update 2013-08

I wrote a small CakeFest application: You jan join in and tell us when you will be there in San Francisco. This makes socializing easier since one then knows if others are also there during this time – and maybe even before or after the event.

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