CakePHP Tips Winter 2020


Over the last months, I collected some useful tips again for CakePHP apps and development you might find useful. Data Integrity for your DB content I usually also don’t take this into account when creating new table relations, even though…

Virtual query fields in CakePHP


This basically compliments the article about virtual entity fields. Note that those entity ones are not creating custom SQL queries, but work/operate on the existing entity data. Now, the query ones, however, usually involve custom SQL snippets to fetch the…

CakePHP and Heroku


I was impressed with how straight forward it is to set up CakePHP apps on Heroku (or probably any Cloud solution probably). And it is free here for basic applications, especially for trying it out. Prepare your app Your application…

CakePHP Tips Summer 2019


This year I want to quickly put a few useful things out there again for you in terms of CakePHP development and ecosystem. CakePHP 4 preview Check out CakePHP 4 while it is still not RC (release candidate) and therefore…

DTOs in CakePHP


Data Transfer Objects in PHP have been around for some time. Martin Fowler proposed something here in his architecture book and blog posts back in 2004 even. Also, this article from 2010 describes the idea. They are also heavily used…


Test composer dependencies with prefer-lowest


This 4 year old post already blogged about it. Surprisingly many libraries still don’t use it in their CI system yet. The –prefer-lowest option has been added around that time. Composer documentation says: "Useful for testing minimal versions of requirements"….

CakePHP 3.7 and PHP 7.3


What a timing! Soon both these minors will land as stable versions. CakePHP 3.7 Let’s talk about this minor first. RC-2 has just landed. The changelog towards master (3.6) shows, that the changes are not too much, it is basically…

Tutorial: CakePHP & Tagging


This article mainly shows the power of a Rapid Development Framework like CakePHP. The full plugin documentation can be found directly in the repository. Let’s imagine we have some blog posts in our database and we need to quickly add…

Middleware and CakePHP


I started to migrate some of my CakePHP 3.x apps to CakePHP 3.3 middleware and even tested 3.4 already back in 2016. Until then I didn’t even try the new PSR7 way. But it was about time I caught up…